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natural budz – Page 3 – natural budz
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Sensible Ontario Campaign Launch

Sensible Ontario Campaign Launch Sensible Ontario launch! The Ontario Cannabis Act (Bill 174) has been passed, but it's not too late to have your say on the provincial government's cannabis monopoly.  While the LCBO has been tasked with rolling out the provincial government's retail cannabis monopoly, there is a provincial election on the horizon, with municipal elections this fall across Ontario.  Now is the time to take action, find out how you can get involved in Sensible Ontario! With the Supreme Court currently ruling on alcohol monopolies, it could be that the Ontario Liberals plan could be dead on election day with new interprovincial trade regulations due by July 1st 2018. Also, the Attorney General of Ontario has tasked the Alcohol and Gaming Commission to draft regulations for...


5 Reasons to Own a Quartz Banger

If you're a concentrates person you should get a quartz banger as soon as possible. Although most people start off with titanium nails, not everyone sticks with metal to vaporize their concentrates. For some, the metallic taste of titanium and poor representation of the terpenes in cannabis is too overbearing to enjoy the full dabbing experience. Therefore, quartz serves as a great alternative to the standard material for nails. Although there are other types besides quartz and titanium (like ceramic and glass), the two in conversation are the most common amongst dabbers. The quartz club banger was created by Quave, who still provides top of the line products for dabbing, but there has been an increase in reputable competition as of late. Here are five reasons...


B.C. to sell recreational marijuana in province-run stores

B.C. to sell recreational marijuana in province-run stores Marijuana plants VANCOUVER — British Columbia said on Monday it would set up a chain of government-run shops and license private stores that would sell recreational marijuana only, the latest of Canada's provinces to unveil sales strategies for pot just months before it is legalized. Mike Farnworth, the province's public safety minister, said recreational cannabis would not be allowed to be sold in the same stores as liquor or tobacco in Canada's third-most populous province. In urban areas, licensed retailers would only be allowed to sell pot and pot accessories, and would be prohibited from selling other items, such as food, gas and lottery tickets. Exceptions would be made to this rule in rural areas, where there is more limited access to...


What Are Dabs?

  Dabbing has taken cannabis culture by storm. It has led to an explosion of advanced weed technology. There is an ever-increasing number of ways to smoke weed, and many novel products worth trying. In some circles, bongs and joints are almost a thing of the past. Today’s weed enthusiasts are into dabbing. The rise in popularity of dabbing has gone hand-in-hand with the rise of the cannabis culture in general. The chicken and the egg theory is easily applied to this situation because nobody is entirely sure which came first: the dab or the surge of acceptance. Dabs may owe their popularity to a shift in preference. More and more cannabis users prefer stronger concentrations, meaning an increased demand for concentrates. Over the past decade, solvent-based extraction methods suddenly...


Ontario seeks feedback on allowing cannabis lounges

TORONTO -- Ontario is considering allowing licensed cannabis consumption lounges in the province once recreational marijuana is legalized this summer, and is asking the public to weigh in on the idea. The proposal is being met with optimism by some cannabis activists and municipal politicians who say the provincial government's approach on where legal weed can be consumed has been too restrictive so far. Under rules outlined in the fall, the province intends to sell marijuana in up to 150 stores run by the Liquor Control Board of Ontario to people 19 and older, with a ban on pot's consumption in public spaces or workplaces. On Thursday, the province issued a request for public feedback on a slew of regulatory changes proposed to clarify where recreational and medical...


Cannabis vs Tylenol for Pain Relief

Medical marijuana is touted for its ability to suppress and eliminate pain, with the vast majority of medical patients using cannabis for this very reason. We wanted to pit cannabis against one of the world’s most widely used pain relievers, acetaminophen. Marijuana vs Acetaminophen Tylenol is one of the most recognizable brand names for acetaminophen, but it is sold under a variety of names across the globe. Available at virtually any drug store or convenience store, anyone can buy a bottle of acetaminophen, but this might be the problem. Scenario #1: A child walks into a drug store and purchases a bottle of acetaminophen. This is totally legal and not very odd, most people wouldn’t think twice about it. But that child could go and take a small handful of...


The Trump administration’s new war on marijuana, explained

Attorney General Jeff Sessions has launched a new war on marijuana legalization. On Thursday, Sessions rescinded guidances from former President Barack Obama’s administration that allowed states to legalize marijuana with minimal federal interference. In a statement, Sessions said that the move will allow federal prosecutors “to use previously established prosecutorial principles that provide them all the necessary tools to disrupt criminal organizations, tackle the growing drug crisis, and thwart violent crime across our country.” In effect, this will let federal prosecutors use their own discretion to crack down on marijuana businesses in states where pot is legal for recreational purposes. The move is a big deal for legalization efforts. While marijuana has been legalized for recreational purposes in eight states and Washington, DC, it remains illegal at the federal level —...


Carving on Cannabis with a Snowboard Gold Medalist

FUEL: Snowboarding Gold Medalist Ross Rebagliati Snowboarding gold medalist Ross Rebagliati whisks us around Whistler, BC, showing us how he’s fully embraced and integrated cannabis into his life and diet. OCT 29 2017, 10:00AM In this episode of FUEL , Canadian Olympic Snowboarder Ross Rebagliati embraces his infamous past and embarks on a new venture. Ross Rebagliati was once embroiled in unchartered controversy at the 1998 Olympics in Nagano where he won gold and then tested positive for cannabis in the first-ever snowboarding giant slalom event. Eventually, it was determined that there was no infraction of the rules and his gold medal was reinstated. Fast-forward to today, when cannabis culture and legislation has drastically changed; Ross is now the go-to guy for cannabis in athletics. He openly helms a thriving cannabis company,...


Cannabis Businesses in Victoria, BC

Cannabis Businesses Operation of a storefront cannabis retail business is contrary to federal law. Any rezoning or business licensing approval provided by the City of Victoria does not preclude law enforcement officials from proceeding with enforcement action, including prosecution. The City of Victoria has implemented regulations for cannabis businesses, to reduce the community impacts of these businesses. The City's regulations are for businesses selling cannabis. They do not legalize or permit the sale of cannabis; this is the jurisdiction of the Federal Government. There are three categories of cannabis businesses in Victoria: Storefront Cannabis Retail: A retail business where cannabis is sold or provided to a person who attends the premises. Cannabis-Related (Cannabis Onsite): A business where cannabis is: promoted, advocated, paraphernalia used in the consumption of cannabis is sold or provided, and...